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Why Health Habits Are More Important Than Ambitious Efforts

Have you ever woken up on your day off and started your weekday routine without thinking? What if a healthy lifestyle worked like that for you? Using habits to improve yourself can become so ingrained in your mind that you complete them without conscious thought. To be fair, that will take effort (maybe even a lot at times) to create new habits, but after you've made it, it will take more effort to do something unhealthy.

People's brains are lazy, in a good way. Our brains rely on habits, repetitive actions, to be efficient. Without this feature of our brain, we wouldn't become faster at daily tasks in the same way we do normally. So, when you're looking at improving your health, focusing on your habits instead of ambitious efforts is the difference between regular compounding interest and day trading (some people do fine day trading, it's just that most don't).

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So what's that mean for you? It means it's better to focus on one important aspect of your health until you develop a strong habit. It means you don't need huge goals to get started. It means that every day you develop a habit is a successful day. Instead of those big ambitious goals that let so many people down, a small goal like drinking water every day at a certain time is a great start.

Each habit built is compounding interest in your life, build many and you'll see something else happen, a multiplying effect. The body is a complicated system (some would say complex) and one healthy habit alone doesn't bring the same benefit as multiple healthy habits together. Your brain, heart, gut, muscles and other systems of your body have needs, and the more you satisfy those needs, the more they'll perform at their highest potential.


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