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When Crises Knocks, Answer With Healthy Habits

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We're going through something very challenging as the coronavirus crises continues, and now we're witnessing (or part of) civil unrest throughout the nation. Almost nothing may be routine right now, and that's hard for most people. Reports are coming in that people are turning to alcohol more often to cope with all these new stressors. Instead of using this unhealthy strategy, focus on building healthy habits during this challenging time, starting with your exercise routine.

You're at home now more than ever and that gives you new flexibility in how to approach your schedule, so use it to your benefit! Along with the recommended 20-30 minutes of exercise, add in some stretching to keep your body from feeling the effects of all these new stressors. Your body and mind affect each other, if either is tight the other starts to respond; starting by relaxing your body also prepares you for exercise later in the day. Start simply, there's no need to be a yoga prodigy to feel like you achieved something, focus on feeling better every day instead of setting new records.

After you've stretched, go for a simple walk around your neighborhood and feel free to say hello to your neighbors. Your neighbors are also going through the same stressors you are and a little social interaction goes a long way (for both of you). If you can't do it for yourself, do it for them (just make sure they are far enough away you don't step onto your stoop and call it done). You're helping yourself a lot by getting in the recommended dose of exercise; you're helping your heart, loosening your muscles and soaking in some sun.

Now, more than any other time, is a great time to build healthy habits. You have new flexibility in your schedule, you're in a comfortable environment for trying new stretches and exercises, and you have your fridge nearby. Instead of seeing this as time with limited options, see it as time with new flexibility to make a better life. Boosting your immune system is also one of the few things you can do to increase your chance of surviving a coronavirus infection right now; what's more compelling than that?


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