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Self Improvement Is Easy, Except When It Isn't

You've changed your life; you love how you feel with your new healthy habits but then something happens. You go on vacation, you find a new hobby, or something stressful happens and all your effort starts to come undone. It felt easy to continue your good new habits when things were going uphill, but coming down from the peak can easily become a slide all the way down to the bottom. How can you rebuild your habits when things are going against you?

In health, the term effective intervention strategy is the potential for creating a roadmap to improving your life again. You're looking for a behavioral intervention (a way to change your behavior); that's a simple enough concept, but here's where it becomes complicated. Your behavior is affected by your thoughts and emotions and affecting both of those is the work of psychologists. At this point, with things going downhill, you may have a number of issues to work through to get to a better place ahead.

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After your change, going uphill to downhill, you may have recognized a shift in your perspective. You may have felt less motivation, less optimism, and less enjoyment in achieving your goals. It's easy to say to yourself, "I just need to get back to it" but it's not as simple as that. Building a new motivation, finding realistic optimism, and recognizing your achievements will be a top priority at this point. Without those underlying thoughts and emotions, you're fighting yourself and likely becoming down because of it.

I see Quantie as an important part of building a broad motivation strategy. You'll be asked when you start playing Quantie what your motivation is for playing, and it will ask you again if you are less active for a while. Quantie's gameplay may be a very helpful motivation for your day-to-day choices, and finding a long-term goal that feels important to you will help you stick with your habits over time. I'm always exploring what motivates people to make long-term changes in their life; let me know in the comments (if it's comfortable) what you want to change in your life.


Building healthy habits is the most challenging part of creating a healthy lifestyle, check out how using Quantie healthy habits game makes it fun and exciting.

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