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Here's How Your Healthy Habits Help You To Heal

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," or so the saying goes. So are your habits preventing low energy, bad moods, and even sickness? Assuming you've got healthy habits, you could at least be preventing mental and physical health issues related to stress. And unless you're reading this on a private island, you're probably up against more stress right now than during that other normal we used to have.

There's a long list of healthy habits that reduce stress, and some of them are, ironically, posted in places that can create more stress, social media and the news media. Stress can affect every part of your body and chronic stress hurts your immune system over time. If you don't prioritize your health now, you'll probably pay for it in the future. Depression, which can be triggered by stress, is rising around the world and is now the leading cause of disability globally.

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Healthy diet, exercise and hydration are the best indicators for your long-term health (alongside not smoking) and that's no different right now. These three keys affect your energy and your mood short-term and have a hand in preventing illness by boosting your immune system. There isn't a vaccine available for the coronavirus, but a healthy immune system may just help if you need to fight it or when you're recovering; a low immune system is connected to slow recovery from any injury or illness.

Here's a quick tip that can help almost everyone; add mindfulness to your daily routine. Mindfulness is the practice of consciously recognizing thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they occur and it's been connected to improved health outcomes. Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) was first published by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 90's using Buddhist meditation practices as his template. It's now been backed by study after study showing that many varieties of mindfulness based practice have positive health effects. Spoiler alert; you don't have to sit cross legged to be mindful.


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