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Healthy Lifestyles Affect Work Performance, Here's How

Your health affects your career, and if you don't have healthy habits, someone else in your office may be well ahead of you. Poor health affects your energy, productivity, and decision-making; you'll need all three of those to improve your prospects at work. Go one step farther and recognize that your mood is connected to your health; there's no avoiding the fact that your health is a top priority for your career. It's important to consider how your health is already affecting your career right now.

Poor health is connected with many behaviors that will mark you as an issue at work instead of a problem-solver. Presenteeism is the term for working while sick; think about the last time you had to drag yourself into work sick and know that others probably noticed it too. Worse yet, when you're sick enough that you can't get into work, you're racking up those absentee days. Some illness is very difficult to prevent, but you can work against common issues like the cold or flu by maintaining a healthy immune system.

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So what's it take to keep your immune system in top shape? The good news is that the same habits that help in other aspects of your life work to your benefit in the workplace. Your exercise, nutrition and hydration habits are the most important factors of how well you'll be able to prevent, and fight off, illness. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and drinking enough water every day will keep your immune system in the shape you need to get into work in good condition.

Here's the added benefit; when you're performing well at work, you'll probably feel better at home. Our performance in each aspect of life has a tendency to affect other aspects; when you feel good at work and are getting your work done ahead of time, it's likely you'll feel better when you get home. That makes your healthy habits a shared goal, a goal that affects you at home and at work and goals like that give additional motivation to actually get them done.


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