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Healthy Habits You Can Build At Home Right Now

Some of our circumstances are outside of our control, but while we're at home we have a lot more control. A lot of people are spending more time at home because of the coronavirus, and that's a great opportunity to build up your health and improve your habits. Here's some simple habits you can build right now that can last well past the end of your time at home.


You've got extra time in the morning without a commute, and one of the best things you can do is to wake up at the same time as normal. Use this extra time to let your body wake up fully before your first tasks for the day, focusing on a good meal instead of rushing through coffee. There's no solid evidence that eating more than 3 meals a day boosts your metabolism, but there is evidence that it keeps your blood sugar higher, which gives you more energy for work. And aside from the energy, slowing down the pace of your life will relieve stress, something important right now during these troubling times.



Lockdowns are ending around the world, so you're probably able to get out and exercise. Even if you only have 30 minutes, take your lunch outside and get some fresh air and move your body some. The health effects of a sedentary lifestyle is compared to smoking and exercise is actually relaxing for you, helping to think better for the rest of your day. It's even better if you can take a full hour using 30 minutes to rest and eat and 30 minutes to walk.


Now that work is done, what's changed? Your clothes is a great place to start! Assuming you aren't already in pajamas, close your work software (or your computer all-together) and put on some comfortable clothes to mark the end of work. Again, stress may be a constant challenge during this time so having a healthy routine that closes your work for the day will help you cope better.


Your evening commute is gone like your morning commute, so you've got even more extra time at night for yourself. If you aren't cooking for yourself most nights already, now is a great time to start. Start simply, you probably won't be a world-class chef overnight, but cooking for yourself is satisfying and generally much healthier. The important first step is to buy good foods so you cook good meals; put together some healthy meal ideas and take a list to the store.


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