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Drink Up, Your Career Is At Stake

A bad decision can cost more than you can afford when it's your career that's on the line. How can you be sure you're making good decisions when it matters most? Pick up decision-making frameworks if you like (it's not a bad idea), but every day your decisions are affected by your thoughts and emotions. There's a lot you can do to better manage yourself and make better decisions, but here's a quick and easy tip for improving your decision-making: drink enough water.

Dehydration affects your thoughts and feelings, making decision-making more challenging than it should be. Your body reacts strongly when it's not getting enough water, giving you headaches, fatigue, and trouble concentrating, not to mention difficulty managing emotions. That's a disaster waiting to happen in the workplace. If you're already feeling some of these, imagine if those difficult problems at work are actually because of (or worse from) your own dehydration.

Improving your hydration habits can be as challenging as changing your diet habits. You're excited to start, but the novelty wears off and you can find yourself in your old routine before you know it. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for improving your habits at work, but you can take a different mindset so you don't wind up stuck. Think like a scientist, try lots of potential solutions, and see what works for you. When you're doing things this way every day becomes a little more like exploration and adventure instead of painful struggling and loss.

Decision-making is a skill you can improve over time; look for information on good decision making and you'll develop some skill just picking reliable resources. But, whether you're learning new skills or using the ones you already know, make sure you get out of your own way first. Hydration is a basic need and is not negotiable; everyone around you wants you clear and focused, not emotionally volatile, tired and hazy (if only for their own sake). Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and keep tipping back enough of the clear stuff of life.


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