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Does Your Hygiene Routine Help Your Health?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The coronavirus made personal hygiene mandatory, at least handwashing, but how much is your health affected by your choices in personal hygiene? As more people are still working from home than normal, many have been talking about a lack of motivation for routine hygiene like showering in the morning. While it's easy to say, "Shower every day!", it takes a little more effort to understand the benefits of keeping your normal routine in times that are anything but normal. Here's some benefits of maintaining that normal routine while covid-19 concerns continue.

Mental health

There's lots of stressors during this time; fears about you or a loved one contracting coronavirus, concern for the rest of your community, and anxieties over the state of the current and future economy. Routines play a helpful role in reducing the amount of anxiety during otherwise unpredictable times, giving your mind and body a sense of normalcy. By maintaining normal eating habits (or better yet improving them) you'll make sure you're getting enough nutrition to work with all these issues. And keeping those sleep habits intact will, again, provide you with that strong foundation in increasingly challenging times.

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Your hygiene habits are part of that routine, activating the parts of your brain that remind you of what's coming up next. Showering also provides some stress relief on it's own. Splashing water on your face provides some of the same benefits, but by activating your entire body, showering provides a better "wake up call" to your body and brain. Again, if part of your routine is to shave, continuing to shave may be helpful to maintain that sense of normalcy in otherwise strange times.

Physical health

It could go without saying that those same routines will help your physical health too, but it's worth noting how much hygiene helps your physical health. Including your oral health, your hygiene routine is essential to staying healthy. Some diseases, including pneumonia, are linked to your oral health and anything that keeps your lungs in better condition is a great idea right now. The same goes for showering, this part of your routine helps your body maintain a healthy immune system and is one of the few ways you can attempt to defend yourself and others against covid-19.

"Asking the question 'are we doing enough' regularly and repeatedly is critical." - Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead, World Health Organization


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