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Can Journaling Help With Your Health Goals?

Journaling is becoming more popular, with at least a few handfuls of journaling apps available right now. The wellness (mental health) benefits of journaling appear to be sound, but there's new information now about journaling and physical health goals. Most of us are familiar with productive learning, even if we don't know it by that name; taking notes during a presentation helps us commit important item to memory. But what about journaling for health goals, is it a kind of productive learning too?

Writing about your health goals isn't exactly the same as productive learning, although we do benefit from productive learning with this practice. Journaling about health goals centers on noting our achievements and preparing ourselves for changes ahead. Writing these thoughts down helps us to learn and retain those lessons. Although this is still a new practice that can use more study, it has promising potential.

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Here's some points you can include in your journal entries to try this new practice:

  • What are some things I've achieved toward my physical goals recently?

  • Do I have what I need for changes to my routine?

  • How do I feel about making this change?

  • Where will I make this change?

  • How will I remember to make this change?

  • What long-term goal will I make progress toward with this change?

Journaling your thoughts and feelings about your physical changes will help you emotionally process the changes you're going through. Even if this practice doesn't immediately help you achieve better physical health, it's likely to help your mental health. Change can be overwhelming for people, no matter how small it is, so making an effort to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed emotionally (and potentially quitting) may lead to the payoff you're looking for in your physical health.


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