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5 Ways To Help You Perform Better Under Stress

Stress does a lot more than make you feel bad, it's actually a leading contributor to early death. Because of the situation right now, stress is higher, than before, which was higher than it has been in the past. Life's demands continue, and you even may be asked to get even more done during a time that could be best spent resting more. Here's the top tips for performing better during very challenging times.


Make sure you're getting enough exercise, especially outdoors. Vitamin D is a contributor to brain health, important to maintaining performance, and you'll get it just being outside. Exercise by itself is proven to reduce down moods, a contributor to worse performance and worse physical health. 30 minutes a day is enough to keep your mood up; adding some time in nature on the weekend is an extra boost.


Your brain wants to feel that things are manageable, and that's only more true under stress. As you have more of your life organized, knowing you can access what you need quickly, your brain can stop trying to remember these things. Organizing doesn't just include the files on your computer, although that might feel like a weight off your mind when its done, it also includes a closet at home and the glove box in your car. Your mind may be constantly running to remember these things, do yourself a favor a let it rest.

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MBSR, or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, is an evidence based practice that helps people with symptoms are severe as clinical depression. While you may not be experiencing any debilitating issues, MBSR is also proven to improve general well-being including raising people's happiness. As the name implies, MBSR directly focuses on helping you cope with the effects of stress on your body and mind, and that's exactly what you need right now.


Good nutrition affects more than your physical health, although your physical health affects your performance by itself. Nutrition, like exercise, affects both the body and mind, can either help or hinder your performance under stress. Many people prefer "comfort foods" during stressful times, but these short-term "bandages" won't help long-term. Improving your diet under stress by eating enough fruits and vegetables will make a big difference in your continuing performance.


It's said a person can live for 2 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Since you aren't trying to set a world record, why not make the effort and make sure you're sufficiently hydrated? Like nutrition and exercise, hydration affects your brain and body health, creating a major stressor if you aren't drinking enough. This is the simplest method of eliminating a chronic stressor (chronic dehydration may be common among Americans), just drink more water.


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