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3 Ways Your Lifestyle Affects Aging

It's not a happy thought, one day your body will be old. You may even cherish spending hours reflecting on life behind you and still not enjoy a your body that won't function the same way it does now. While your daily decisions affect you in the weeks and months ahead, they will affect your years aging even more. Here's how building healthy habits now can affect your silver years.


You don't have to get Alzheimer's to be affected by poor memory; one of your greatest treasures as you become less mobile will be memories of more youthful moments. The National Institute on Aging shows reductions of 60% in certain memory issues for people with healthy lifestyles. Nutrition and physical activity will play the leading roles in deciding whether you enjoy those moments long after they happen. These are simple changes you can make right now, including exercising at least 150 minutes a week and eating a brain healthy diet.

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Like memory, your ability to think and learn can become much worse as you age, but healthy decisions now may prevent unnecessary decline. Your brain is also directly responsible for your motor functions, so this part of your health can affect your mobility. Again, healthy foods and exercise are major contributors to maintaining good cognitive health. Unlike advice on memory, proper hydration is also directly linked to maintaining good cognition.

Sex drive

Your body changes over time, and your sex drive may not be the same when you're older, but it can quickly decline if you aren't in good health. This isn't just a ED discussion, it's about general desire. As you might guess, healthy nutrition, physical activity, and hydration are major contributors to keeping good sexual health at any age. What's more, chronic mental health issues add up in old age, so getting on top of those issues now can make a big difference between the sheets later.


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