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3 Healthy Habits To Add To Your Routine Today

You think about improving your life, but where's the best place to start? That's a very challenging question for most people, and there's no easy answer since every body is different. Sometimes our issues are connected; our emotional health can get in the way of improving our physical health. Here's some thoughts on how you can make improving your life more commonplace instead of just a fleeting thought.


If you don't have a place to write down your thoughts, today is a great day to start journaling. It doesn't need to be anything specific, but you may benefit from having a little structure. Journaling prompts help to alleviate some of the pressure from thoughts like, "I don't know what I'll write". You may not have any problems with your emotional health but that doesn't mean your emotions are helping you improve your physical health. It might be surprising to read some of what's rolling around in your brain without really knowing it.

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Your body and mind are connected; if you've ever felt tension in your back or neck when you're stressed, you've felt that connection. Although relaxing your mind can lead to relief in your body, sometimes it becomes difficult and moving things from the other direction may help. Self-massage can be as simple as using your hands, but you may find they tire quickly and getting a simple self-massage tool can be a big help. Sure, you can always ask your partner or buy some time with a massage therapist instead, but the act of taking care of your own body has benefits of its own.


Similar to journaling, you may be surprised by how much you don't know about your own thoughts and emotions until you start using mindfulness. This accepted medical practice has been shown to decrease rates of mental imbalance like depression and anxiety and helps to alleviate resistance within your life. Resisting reality can lead to significant health issues, including simply being unable to change unhealthy habits. Most mindfulness programs are significant commitments of both time and money, but there are apps available that make this practice available anywhere.

None of these tips are directly related to some of your more pressing health goals like exercising enough or improving your diet, but they'll indirectly help you achieve both. Your mind can become a powerful stumbling block to changing even the most basic habits, but with some simple practices it can become an incredible ally instead.


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