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1 Easy Way to Make A Healthy Diet A Habit

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

If changing to a healthy diet is challenging for you, it's partly because of what you buy at the store. Of course there's other times you might choose something unhealthy, but anytime you're at home it's what's closest that's easiest to eat. Since we're home more now because of the coronavirus, what you buy is probably more important than ever before. There's no getting around it, what you have in your fridge and cupboards can find its way into your stomach.

The easy way to change what you eat at home is to change what you buy at the store, so how can you change what you purchase? Make a list. This takes a little time, but it can make a big difference in what ends up in your cart. We're creatures of habit, what you did yesterday is what you're more likely to do tomorrow. When you get in the habit of buying from your list, you'll defer to your list for decisions instead of your stomach or your eyes.

Here's the important part, put your list together after you've eaten at home in some spare time. How many times do you get to the store a little hungry and buy more (or something less healthy) than what you thought you'd buy? When you're able to take a little time jotting down what you really need for your meals (when you don't feel like you want to eat), you'll put together a list that is enough for what you really need instead of going on impulse.

Bonuses from this approach? You'll probably waste less food, which means you'll waste less money. As you see how much you eat during the week, reduce the amount to buy of each item you're throwing away. Every item you save is money in your pocket and a little lower impact on the environment.


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