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A healthy routine, routinely fun

What if feeling better didn't feel like work? Quantie healthy habits game helps you build better habits making daily decisions into a rewarding game. Play Quantie, collect rewards, and feel better with every achievement. Signup and be one of the first to try Quantie as soon as it's ready.


Alpha Version 4 (5.2.2020)

New Features
Challenges - New healthy lifestyle challenge daily.

Team goals - Challenges add to your team's weekly goal.

Rewards - Open discounts on healthy lifestyle products completing challenges and team goals.

Features in version 4 are designed to be habit forming so that improving your lifestyle is much easier.



MacKenzie S.
May 19, 2020

“I'm the founder of Quantie; we're building the app right now, I'll add player reviews as soon as we're done.”



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